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    Founders Club Colorado 14 Way Full Length Divider Golf Cart Bag

    Red White Blue
    Blue White Black
    Charcoal Black

    The Founders Club Colorado Cart Bag combines premium construction and accents whether you use a pushcart or ride in a cart. The 14 Way full length divider system makes it easy to pull your clubs out on an angled pushcart and helps keep your shafts and grips protected and untangled on a riding cart. The Colorado Cart Bag also includes a full-length rain cover to protect your clubs and your golf bag from getting wet while walking in the rain. The slot base design helps secure your golf bag to your pushcart so that your equipment investment is protected. Plus, The Founders Club Colorado Cart Bag has all the other features you would expect from a premium golf bag at a fantastic price:

    • Durable Construction with reinforced stitching, premium zippers and padded pockets along with a solid pushcart integrated base designed to work with riding and push carts. The Slotted Base helps keep your bag and clubs securely strapped to your pushcart. This Bag also features a zipper pocket that houses a full bag and club length rain cover to keep your golf bag and clubs dry when walking in the rain with a pushcart.
    • Spacious Bag with 14 Way Full length dividers including front access putter tube. The full-length dividers help prevent clubs and clubs from tangling when your bag is angled on a pushcart. The front access putter well provides quick access for your most used club and accepts larger grips up to 1 ¾” in diameter.
    • Equipped with 10 zippered and 1 magnetic pocket for ample storage for all your gear and accessories- Includes an insulated cooler pocket with drains to keep your favorite on course beverage cool, magnetic ball pocket, padded range finder pocket, additional front pocket, 2 long side expandable pockets for bulky rain gear and shoes, 2 side velour lined dry pockets with waterproof zippers for valuables, and 2 additional side pockets. Plenty of add on features to make your time on the course more enjoyable and easier to manage- The bag includes an umbrella holder, a D clip and 2 additional clips to clip on golf towels, a glove holder, and snap on rain hood. 
    • Easy to Handle- This bag weighs in at 7 pounds and has 5 different handles to make getting the bag out of your car and onto your cart a breeze. The bag comes with 2 integrated side and one integrated front grab handles, a bottom handle strap, and a rear grab handle. The single padded carry strap helps you comfortably carry your bag on and off the course.
    • This bag comes with a full 2 Year warranty from Founders Club and the assurance of dealing with a US based golf company that has been around since 1990.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Leslie Bordelon
    Great bag

    I love the bag and all the pockets it is equipped with. I only wish the umbrella holder would be on the back side.

    Jerome Kalafut
    Golf Bag - Colorado

    Great bag for a great price.

    Tate Roraback
    Best golf bag ever!!

    This bag is incredible.. it is absolutely gorgeous to look upon. And the Functionality is perfect. More than enough pockets for everything you could need. And the Build itself is solid. I could not be happier with this bag. I will be buying all future golf bags from Founders Club. Simply stunning golf bag. I’d highly recommend you get one if you’re in the market. You will definitely not regret it.

    Bill S.
    Early impression is that it's a GREAT bag

    First off, immediately after unboxing, I had an issue with a zipper not opening all the way on one of the front pockets. This was a Friday afternoon and I contacted Customer Support via email. I didn't get a reply but on Saturday I received a FedEx notice that i was receiveing another delivery from Founders Club. On Tuseday, a replacement bag showed up.

    So much for how great Customer Service is, now about the bag.

    As advertised, lots of pockets. The waterproof & soft lined ones are nice for your wallet & p. The magnet closure on the ball pocket is nice, especially for those who need to reach for a new one frequently. The ball pocket will hold at least a dozen balls, but may not be large enough for a few of my playing partners. Another nice feature are all of the convienent handles for lifting the bag into a car trunk, etc. & the large cooler pouch. There is also an abundantly sized club cover for traveling and a nicely hidden, full bag, rain cover.

    One of the biggest improvements I see in this bag is the use of a solid panel of plastic, on the interior of each side pocket. If I stuffed clothes and such in the side panels of my old (major name) bag, they would push inward towards the shafts and the handles would often hit the side pockets and be difficult to insert the shafts easlily. This plastic panel appears to have solved that problem.

    However two things that I wish were designed differently is the placement of the umbrella holder, which I feel should be on the rear, by the carrying strap, so that the handle isn't in the way, when the bag is in use.

    The other is the front top handle, which interfers with my putter fitting completely into the putter slot. The head of my putter rests awkwardly on the handle and in order to set it in completely for travel, has to be rotated around like a corkscrew.

    Regardless of these two inconveniences (for me) it's the best made bag I can find anywhere and at a signifcantly better price.

    Geoffrey Howland
    Has Pro-Am Look, but more cool

    Have not played it yet, but it loads, looks and feels pretty serious! I am 6'4" and was looking for a bag that would accomadate 1.5" longer clubs. This fits the bill but would also be great for standard clubs. I favor a black and red overall bag theme for bag, club covers, umbrella, towels etc. This is exactly right on! After I play the bag - I reserve the right to trim my rating, but I think all will be good. HIt'm long.