RPT7 Golf Balls - 2 Dozen

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 Founders Club RTP7 Golf Ball 24 Pack


The Founders Club RTP7 golf ball delivers exceptional fairway splitting power with superb durability and value for the money. A high energy core provides great initial velocity with low spin for outstanding distance from the tee and fairway. The RTP7’s durable Dupont Surlyn cover is resistant to scuffs, cuts, and abrasions giving you a long lasting and good looking ball.


  • The bright white cover is highly resilient to scuffs, cuts and abrasions meaning the ball looks as good as it performs for longer!

  • Crisp and responsive feel on all shots from tee to green.

  • The configuration of the 352 dimple design optimizes control by reducing friction and improving stability during flight.

  • One box of 24 balls.

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