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Founders Club Stand Putter Model SP-1 

Available 35” RH only 

The Founders Club creative team is proud to introduce the golf industry's only stand up putter. This technology allows the putter to stand on its own, in the store and on the green. The Founders Club Stand Putter is perfect for lowering your scores on the course as well as an invaluable training aide on the practice green. Correct alignment is the first and most important part of putting. The Founders Club Stand Putter will help golfers at any level achieve proper alignment. 
On the green the Founders Club Stand Putter allows the player to read the green then line up the putter. After lining up the putt the player can walk away for the ball and putter, and check the line while the putter still stands up behind the ball. Your playing partners will be jealous as you lower your putts per round. Your playing partners will claim you have an unfair advantage (Which you do!). But it is perfectly legal to line up your putts with a stand up putter. 

  • Stand up putter design makes it easy to align the face of the putter to the intended target line 

  • Unique shaft and grip design combined with a mallet putter head enables the putter to stand on its own (no player needed) 

  • Two toned top with alignment training lines that helps train the eye to see the line as it truly is whether you are right of left eye dominate. 

  • Matching Magnetic Head Cover Included  

  • Soft Jumbo Grip 

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