About Us

At Founders Club we are a team. We work together, eat together, read the sports section together, and surf the internet together. We watch and play golf together. We have a common goal.​

We never stop improving, we know that every new product can be done better than its predecessor. We are driven to reach perfection. It is and always will be the target. We know that as long as we have the passion for the game and technology we create, we can make golf clubs better, more efficient, and more forgiving.

Every year we design and engineer clubs that are "already great" into something better. We design, build, test, break, and redesign until the quality of each club meets our expectations and those of professional golfers. Most importantly we want to meet your demands.​

At Founders Club we live the golf lifestyle to which our work contributes - a lifestyle that we share with you. We want to grow the game of golf. We want to spark interest in the game and encourage beginners to love the game as we do.